About AuthorMBA

Founded in 2006 by corporate educator and MBA Kay Lockner, AuthorMBA was one of the first online training companies specifically created to help you grow the business side of your writing career. We know busy author-CEOs don’t have time for fluff. That’s why all of our courses and strategy packages are 100% practical and actionable with step-by-step guidance to implement them in your business right now.

A two-time recipient of the Writer’s Digest 101 Best award in the Training category, AuthorMBA offers career planning training and business strategy packages to help you build your mailing list, increase your visibility on Amazon and grow your sales . . . all with a focus on streamlining and automation so you can spend more time writing.

Refocus your business and regain your sanity with our popular Snap Planning course or take our all-new strategy packages for a spin. We’re here to help you launch your writing business to the next level!